Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Living Room

For those that are looking to add an outdoor living room to your homes here are a few ideas that you can take with you.  Some of them will fit into your space and others won’t, however, outdoor living room design monterey ca will be an ever-growing task.

Focal point

All design decisions should be made around a focal point.  This will be where you or your main person who is using the room will look.  They want to pick a comfortable spot that will allow them to see the entire environment easily.


Next, focus on the lighting.  You want to have a space that is filled with light but you don’t want to be overpowered by light.  You don’t want direct sunlight rather indirect light.  When we have a lot of light we can determine how it will play as well as if it will generate heat in that room as well.


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How will the room be accessed?  Will it be a room that is connected to a larger room to your home with an open floorplan or will it be a rom that is behind a door or separated from the rest of the house?  When we determine access and security, we can start to see what other options are made available to you and all involved.


What colors will you have in your room?  Will they be neutral colors, or will they be bold colors?  If creating a room in a wooded area more natural colors will be appropriate.  For those creating a space up north whites, blues will play in nicely.  And for those near the water or beaches more pastel tones may be a great option.

Putting it all together

No matter what you do it all has to come together quickly and in a functional way.  If it doesn’t then people will not want to use it.