Understanding the need for surgical teeth extraction

You might think that the removal of teeth is a simple process, with a tug-of-war incorporating some anesthesia. However, there arise complications and dental issues that call for surgical removal of teeth. The best way to understand the need for surgical extractions is to take a dental x ray in Sugar Land and assess the situation.

Why not a simple tooth extraction?

Many patients experience confusion when a dentist recommends surgical tooth extraction instead of simple tooth extraction. Statistics also indicate the facilities of surgical extractions exceeding simple extractions.

Simple tooth extraction generally does not need dental X-rays and get removed with forceps. This situation is when a tooth remains visible above the gum line. If a tooth, however, remains embedded within the gum, it is essential to operate on the gum or the bone. A simple tooth complication turns a simple extraction into a surgical extraction.

What are other reasons that entail surgical tooth extraction?

A dental X-ray primarily indicates the need for surgical extractions. It could be a volatile wisdom tooth erupting at wrong angles causing unbearable pain that calls for surgical extraction. Other times, a tooth may break during its simple removal, where it would require further breakage for optimal removal.

Decayed teeth with curved roots, or merely decayed teeth, also require surgical procedures to accomplish successful tooth extraction. In cases where the jaw bone is densely compacting the tooth, surgical extraction helps remove the tooth effortlessly.

The only crucial difference between simple- and surgical post-extractions is the presence of stitches at the extraction site. During a surgical procedure, the gum or the bone gets cut into to facilitate straightforward removal of the tooth.

While the entire process may theoretically sound intimidating, modern equipment makes the surgical tooth extraction a painless ordeal.

dental x ray in Sugar Land

Summing up

Regardless of the type of tooth extraction, you have availed, remember to follow after-care instructions for optimal recovery. The recovery period can also be uncomfortable, which is why you need to ensure hassle-free restoration of your oral health.